About Us

Lothian LMC Office Bearers

Dr Catriona Morton, Chair (since October 2012) and GP Partner at Craigmillar Medical Group

Dr Pete Shishodia, Medical Secretary and Treasurer (since September 2006, also Chair for 6 years prior) and GP Partner at Muirhouse Medical Group

Dr Iain Morrison, Medical Secretary (since April 2016) and GP Partner at Newbattle Medical Centre

Mrs Julie Grigor, Committee Co-ordinator (since April 2008)

Committee Members / Areas

North East Edinburgh
Dr Carl Bickler (from HSCP)
Dr Ramon McDermott
Dr Catriona Morton (Chair) (until 31 October 2017)
Dr Ros Wight

North West Edinburgh
Dr Robin Balfour
Dr Tricia Donald
Dr Helen Faulding-Bird
Dr Elizabeth Murray

South East Edinburgh
Dr Euan Alexander
Dr Gordon Black
Dr Saeed Shinwari

South West Edinburgh
Dr Peter Cairns
Dr Sue Cobbett
Dr Jim Cowan

East Lothian
Dr Morgan Flynn
Dr Jim Fulton
Dr Amy Small
Dr Jon Turvill (from HSCP)

Dr Drummond Begg (Chair Elect – Chair from 1 November 2017)
Dr Iain Morrison *
Dr Hamish Reid (from HSCP)
Vacancy (from 1 November 2017)

West Lothian
Dr Dave Cuthbert
Dr Elaine Duncan (from HSCP)
Dr Steve Haigh
Dr Annie Lomas

Dr Stuart Blake, Chair of Lothian Area Medical Committee
Dr Janet Henderson, Sessional GP Representative
Dr Iain Morrison, Medical Secretary *
Dr Kim Rollinson, GP Retainer Representative
Dr Pete Shishodia, Medical Secretary
Rotational GP Registrar attendee