Advertising through NHS Lothian Internal Vacancy pages:
Non NHS Lothian ads can be placed within NHS Lothian’s internal vacancy pages (which is hosted through SHOW but only viewable within NHS Lothian) under the category of ‘Non-NHS Lothian Partner’ ( This is already the case for non-medical and dental posts where GP practice (non GP/Doc – eg practice nurse, secretarial staff) posts are advertised through the NHS Lothian internet vacancy pages. For non-NHS Lothian GP/docs requests can be made by emailing the Medical Recruitment team on with the vacancy details.
The only point to note however is that the current HR system used for recruitment purposes (Empower) is due to be replaced with a national HR System (e ESS / i REC) and it may not be possible for us to advertise non NHS Lothian posts through the new system.

Advertising through NHS Scotland External Vacancy pages:
For advertising on the external pages of the NHS Scotland jobs site (SHOW), the practice need to contact National Services Scotland SHOW web team direct to ask to be set up to place the vacancy directly onto the NHS Scotland job pages of the website. Details on how to request this are available through the and clicking links’ at the top of the screen. Some practices in Lothian are already doing this and many others across Scotland, couple of live Lothian examples: ,


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